Overseas Property · Immigration · Investment Fair

March 16-18th, 2018

September 14-16th, 2018







 International Property & Investment Expo

April 12th-15th, 2018 

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Shanghai Overseas Property · Immigration · Investment Fair

High-Density Media Promotion

1. 300 square meters large LED screen advertising, played repeatedly for a more than a month. (LuJiaZui CBD area)
2. CCTV, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang mainstream media continuous bombing reports.
3. 300,000 tickets to domestic cities through advocacy staff to mail, e-mail, fax, and other forms of Rich people.
4. Over 100 renowned media, print magazines newspapers are on site.
5. Printed tickets mailed to private enterprise owners and executives of large enterprises, according to the database. Establish the professional official website, collects all the related information.

Our marketing campaign is launching principally concentrate on Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai labeled developed areas 2months prior to the opening of our fair. With abundant exhibition experience for over 20 years and projects covering over 1o industries. We have accumulated a considerable group of influential media partner and meanwhile established a friendly long-term partnership with them.

  • Newspaper & Magazine: partnership with over 30 international publications.

  • TV station and Radio: partnership with over 20 TV channels and radios including CCTV and SMG.

  • Internet: partnership with numerous leading websites, such as say,, Tencent, Sohu etc.

  • Direct mail: database consisting of targeted clients and high-end figures has been built up through our repeatedly hits in the past.


Other Promotion Methods with Fees

Seminar:   CNY10,000 per 2 hours, about USD1667 per 2 hours

Equipments (provided by organizer): Rostrum, Stereo system, projector, etc. And relevant professionals are invited as well. ( Approval must be given by the organization committee if any prolongation in duration )

Catalogue Advertisement:

  • Back Cover: CNY 32,000 

  • Inside Front: CNY30.000

  • Inside Back: CNY24,000

  • Colored Full Page: CNY12,000

  • Black and White Full Page:CNY6,000

TV News and Press Release




               [email protected]       Mobile / Wechat: +86-13801087331      Tel: +86-80488520



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